Wayne Rogers

A utility device for Mentalists

The special envelope is used to switch between two possible predictions or sets of instructions, right under the nose of the spectator.

And . . . most important . . .
the spectator handles the envelope

There are many “multiple out” envelopes in the magic literature and on the market. But few can be handled by the spectator without them discovering the workings.

Wayne Rogers has developed the ultimate switching envelope for when you need the SPECTATOR to do the work. This is excellent. Ben Harris

I have seen, made, and even created some pretty tricky envelopes in my time, Wayne’s concept here is not only practical, but as close to perfect as I could imagine an envelope could be - Andrew Gerard Mentalist/Hypnotist TV Producer

 I love tricky envelopes. I know I will find a lot of uses for Wayne Rogers' Auto 2-Way Envelope. It's a nice combination of existing ideas with an added subtlety that takes it to another level. Definitely an idea that all mentalists should have in their arsenal 
Greg Arce

 This envelope opens up so many amazing possibilities - one of the best mentalist tools I've seen in a very long time!Paul Romhany

 Thank you so much for sharing your idea. In a word: BRILLIANT! I wish you wouldn’t put this on the market as it is REALLY good and pure gold for the working performer!
 I love the idea that the envelope is not sealed and the spectators can handle it. No awkward cutting open at certain lines to make sure the correct side will open. No worries at all. My mind has already started coming up with applications for this utility device. - 
Stefan Olschewski
The automatic envelope is something very clever which makes the (prediction) handling really clean!   Something that I will use . . . a lot! -Luca Volpe


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The 43 page full colour soft cover book contains all the details and photos you need to construct the 
2-way envelope using standard end opening letter DLE manila envelopes.

Nothing is left out. Easy to make. You can make up a couple in under 5 minutes

In performance the envelopes are not sealed, so there is no cutting them open. The spectator handles the envelope and removes the contents. What could be fairer?

In addition to the construction details there are 16 ideas and routines to get you started. contributors are : Wayne Rogers, Paul Romhany, Greg Arce, Andrew Gerard, Richard Osterlind, Stefan Olschewski, Luca Volpe, Richard Webster and Chris Matthewson.

"Wayne Rogers' new book, Automated 2-Way Prediction Envelope is a joy! It is clearly written in a straight forward way, it is a full sized book and the illustrations and production are top notch!

The name of the book may be misleading to some. Yes, it is a 2-way prediction envelope, but you also have to realize it is also a switching and forcing envelope as well. That opens the door to a lot of great mentalism!

Wayne is a consummate professional and he thinks in practical ways. The envelopes are easy and quick to make, work flawlessly and can even be recycled. And then comes the routines! There's dedicated material from the likes of Richard Webster, Chris Matthewson, Luca Volpe, Greg Arce and many more! There is not a single routine that I wouldn't do in a real paying show and I mean that! I'm sure you will find something for you regardless of what your performing style is. I am honored to be associated with this book." 
Richard Osterlind

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